RTSE 2013

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Thank you!

Dear participants to the 1st RTSE International Workshop,

Our first edition of Railway Track Science and Engineering has now ended. We hope you enjoyed your time in Paris and have learned new things and met new people.
Thanks to you all, we have had excellent presentations and stimulating debates.
We acknowledge keynotes, speakers and chairmen and all delegates
for making this event very successful.
We started the workshop with the three following key questions raised by Infrastructure Managers:

  • how can we assess the remaining lifetime of the ballast in track?
  • how can we extend this lifetime?
  • is the ballast an economically and technically sustainable solution, to meet the challenges of very high speed?

By bringing together internationally recognized and multidisciplinary experts, we think that the workshop has contributed to answering these questions. The workshop has provided the environment for practitioners, engineers and scientists to have an opportunity and place to share their works, experiences and points of views.

An important state of the art review was covered, by the participants. We think that this workshop has set the scene for the future advancements of ballasted track and to push forward boundaries and limitations.
Are we now entering a new era of international cooperations linking academia with industry?
We can achieve this, by field expertise & feedback, laboratory characterization and predictive models together with innovation and research; these are complementary approaches. All these activities feeding each other and all sharing lessons learned and achievements is fundamental .

We would like to thank the host organizations of UIC, SNCF and Heriott Watt University, as well as the staff members who have supported us all along these two days : Claire Cook, Joe West, Vinicius Alves, Elodie Arlaud, Francisco Lamas Lopez, Isabelle Jubier, Maguelonne de Cossart, Anne-Sophie Battin, Antonia Barraud.

We are now inviting you to attend the next workshop in the series, in Edinburgh in 2015. The topic of this next workshop will be announced in the summer of 2014.

Please follow the workshops’ website for more information.

Thank you,

The Organizing Committee